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    My Husband, Their Daddy, Our Hero

    Monday, November 21, 2005

    Testing 1, 2, 3 .... again

    Test today at 1. This will complete my A+ certification, finally. Course that still leaves a bunch more to get and do, but its a step.
    Max has a fun day ahead of him too. Dropped him off at the vet this morning for his "parts removal" surgery and the last round of shots. He might not be real happy with me when I go pick him up. Debating covering the truck seats in plastic for his return home trip as he has a bad habit of showing me how unhapy he is with me all over the seats.
    We had basketball games all weekend with Chance, and after Saturdays game I was pretty irate with the coach, but midway through Sundays game I was ready to collect him and leave! This is the same group of boys that played together during football, so they all know each other and theyre all buddy buddy with each other, which means if youre not in their "click" you dont get the ball. This sucks for Chance cuz its his first year playing sports and hes really getting a bad taste from these jerks. Yes I called a bunch of 10 year old jerks. Thursday at practice, one of the biggest jerks took the basketball and intentionally threw it straight at the face of another boy, just cuz he was having a bad day! The rest of the jerks, seem to think that the whole world revolves around them, that they are the greatest gift to the game of basketball. These are the same jerks that cant dribble down the court without bouncing the ball off their foot and losing control of it! But MY kid cant play?!?! ARGH! Chance is pretty dang good at it for his first year, but seems the only time he gets to touch the ball is when hes trying to keep the other team from passing it to each other down under their goal, then he dosnt get to hang onto it, cuz on if the jerks is right there to strip it right out of his hands and try to dribble it back down the court! On one hand hes excited cuz they won, but on the other hes pissed off cuz they wont give him a chance to play. What do you say to something like that? Ive tried to explain to him that its just they way they are, and all he can do is keep trying to get open, keep signaling that he is open and hope that they pass him the ball, till then, keep doing the awesome job hes been doing on defense and he will win their respect. Not like he needs it, but...

    GI Wife was here at 9:45 AM

    9 HOOAH'S

    Sunday, November 20, 2005

    Day 319

    Got a call today, hes been tentatively assigned a group to fly out with, course its one of the last ones to go, which prob means he wont fly out till Thrs or Fri. Spend about a week in Kuwait, then to Hood on about Dec 2.
    Meanwhile they finally managed to get some time off, which hes been spending sleeping. The higher ups have been having ribbon ceremonies for all the guys, handing out what sounds like Cracker Jack toys to all the troops. Today some of them had a BBQ so everyone at least got some good grub for a change and not that nasty chow hall food. Then the GI Hoes showed up, and for the descent married ones that meant the party was over and back to the tent they retreated, mine included of course, lol.
    Still cant believe were this close to the end, seems so sureal. Monday Im calling and booking hotel rooms and checking into a rental so "the beast" dont have to make the trip again. Last time she didnt fare so well, blowing a head gasket 2 1/2 hours from the house was not my idea of a fun trip, especially after watching my honey leave. With all 3 kids, his mom, me, possibly bringing Joe back (cross your fingers) and all his stuff, were gonna need a tank though, lol. This oughta be fun.

    GI Wife was here at 10:35 AM

    1 HOOAH'S

    Thursday, November 17, 2005

    Day 316

    The futher along this unit goes, the more screwed up they are becoming. Didnt think that was possible, but it is.
    Yesterday they turned in their ammo and were under the assumption that since their replacements were already there that they would be getting the reminder of their last week there off. Silly them. Theyre still working! Joe said they got issed X ammount of rounds before they went to work and then turned them back in when they got off. While the replacements have been getting night after night off!! What the hell?! Their replacemtns arnt exactly new to the counrty and trying to climatize themselves, theyve been there for 6 months already! So whats the hold up with putting them to work and giving our guys the night off??

    GI Wife was here at 12:29 PM

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    Wednesday, November 16, 2005

    Day 315 - Crud

    Its getting closer everyday, but today was a sad day. Today they lost their precious internet connection. Yes the same one Ive been bitching about for months is now gone. Last week, the guy that set all this internet up for them decided a new sattellite dish might be in order, and we had the greatest connection for the last week. Seeing him on the webcam in almost real time, no delay in our typing lines to each other, it was great. I hope the next bunch that uses it appreciates it as much as we did, and maybe wont have to go through the hell we did as the summer took its toll on the dish.
    Hes been threatened within an inch of his life that hed better make use of the phones there now. I told him Id change his name to Mud if he didnt manage to call me. Supposedly someone from his unit will call me to let me know when he will be landing at Hood, not that Im holding my breath for that one, but Id still like to hear it from him if possible, ya know. They got a week left at the base theyre at now, then a week in Kuwait, then home to the States!! Still havnt made any plans for hotels or car rentals yet, still kinda leary to book anything, but I guess I need to start checking around.
    Right now I got the flu, so its all I can do to get the kids to and from school each day. One step at a time, get better, get reservations made. OK, I got a plan ... but, for now, Im going back to bed.

    GI Wife was here at 8:24 PM

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    Monday, November 14, 2005

    Dinner Time!!

    Guess whos cookin dinner tonight?

    GI Wife was here at 3:00 PM

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    Friday, November 11, 2005

    Day 310 - Semi Official

    I think dissension among the troops is on the verge of happening. None are happy with the arangement being made for them at Waco. Today on the units website it became official, well subject to change anyway, of course. Heres how its supposed to play out....
    We will get a phone call from someone telling us our soldiers arrival time at Ft Hood. We have the option of meeting our soldier at the gym on post, where we can have anywhere from a couple minutes to a couple hours to swoon over each other. It kinda sounds like they can stay off post for their first 5 nights back in the states, then the Army wants them back for the next five for processing n stuff. Then the ceremony on the 10th, the official Welcome Home thing....
    The website says that the ceremony is at 2, and after it, depending on what step they are at for their out-processing, they either go back to Hood for 3 days, or report to their home unit for 3 days.
    Sure sounds like their trying to cover their butts from the original 8 days, but its still 3 days, and for us, Im still not sure if any of this means he has to report back to his original home unit, as he was attached to this unit.

    Obviously the morons in charge have no idea just how far away some of these people have got to travel for any of these 3 trips that theyre telling us we can make.
    1. offical step-off-the-plane welcome
    2. welcome home ceremony
    3. final pick up

    All of this RIGHT before Christmas is what really burns me. My Christmas present is getting him home, but Im sure the kids would like some toys n stuff too. Finding a happy ballance is gonna be tough.
    I know, I know...I shouldnt be bitching cuz hes coming home, and trust me Im truly excited about that....its the getting there thats kicking my butt.
    For now the countdown is 30-ish days till hes home and I cant wait!!!

    GI Wife was here at 7:06 PM

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    Wednesday, November 09, 2005

    Report Cards

    Black day around our house today for some of the members, report cards came out.
    Chance managed all As and Bs so hes out the woods.
    Jake got As and one B on his, so he was a little shocked as hes usually all As, but hes surviving.
    Then theres TJ......
    TJ has been a straight A student ever since PreK, now all the sudden in 4th grade hes making a D in Science and an F in Math?!? The same teacher teaches both of these classes. Today I met him in the hallway, wanting to know what the hell was going on, how come my kid was failing and the only one seeming to be upset was me.
    He calmly explained that most of TJs problem is he day dreams in class and makes his own rules when its experiment time. Hes the type that if you screamed "TJ dont touch that!!" He would reach out, touch it, look back at you and say "Touch what? This??" Just constantly pushing your buttons and the limits that youve set. Especially during Science, which is causing him to fail that class. The teacher then explained that hes probably failing Math because all the other teachers hes ever had have given him extra credit, which has enabled him to pass his classes. WHAT??? BULLSHIT!! Even if he was failing a class (which hes never done) theres not enough extra credit in the world to turn an F into an A before reports come out, and he damn sure wasnt doing it for the whole year, if he EVER has done any!!! But that was the reason he gave.
    Basically it all boiled down to TJ is failing cuz he wants to fail. He dosnt want to listen, he dosnt want to follow the rules. He wants to do things his way. How do you correct something like that? Go up there and babysit him all day? I thought thats what them people, whatchu call them.....teachers are paid to do!! Teach them the rules, enforce them and make sure the kids follow them!! Im starting to think that this teachers out to fail him now.

    GI Wife was here at 7:29 PM

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    Monday, November 07, 2005

    Day 306

    More crazy thinking....
    Lets make everybody take a PT test before they go home!!
    While we at it (assigning stupid shit for them to do) lets take them out the the range so they can waste a bunch of bullets and work out some frustration before they go home to their wives n families, make them feel like they accomplished something while they were here. (other than being the bitches weve made them out to be)

    Several of the SGTs and SFCs have turned themselves in to get Bronze Stars, and its really chappin the guys asses. These civilian desk jockeys are doing nothing more than padding their ego for when they go home. Making sure THEY get something out of it, not caring about the duty they have done for THEIR COUNTRY...the job they signed up for believing it was a one weekend a month, 2 weeks a year, get away from the wives kinda job.

    GI Wife was here at 7:22 PM

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    Friday, November 04, 2005

    Day 303 - ARGH!

    Leave it to the military to screw up something as wonderful as a homecoming celebration.
    The powers that be have decided that just because the guys are having their homecoming on Dec 10, dosnt mean they need to be released to their families that day. Nooo, lets haul them back off to Ft Hood for another week or so, then release them!!
    Im gonna drive 8 hours to Waco to watch the ceremony NOT to get to bring my honey home with me?! What the hell?!
    Im beyond mad over this one. Not only is it a bullshit waste of time for the guys, but extremely costly to us, especially right at Christmas, not cool. The kids are lookin at a real light Christmas, IF we can afford to do one at all after all this commuting. He did say that they were TRYING to arrange him a ride home on Dec 18th, when they FINALLY get released. But if they dont....guess who will be footing the bill to fly him home!! Last time I flew him home, it was almost 200, just from Dallas here!! This sucks!!
    Theyre also not gonna make it home for Thanksgiving, like we thought they were. That actually sounds like the day they will land in Kuwait for a week or so of more training, IF they were selected for it. If not, maybe they get to fly out a little earlier, but with our luck, that wont happen either. Regardless, it sounds like it will be Dec 10th before I will see him, IF I get to see him at all after the ceremony. Total crap!

    GI Wife was here at 10:20 AM

    5 HOOAH'S

    Tuesday, November 01, 2005

    Im On A Roll!

    Besides making my kids mad, now I have made Max mad!

    Today was his second round of shots. The first time he went to the vet, he informed me how mad he was about the situation by shitting in the truck on the way home. Today he wasnt quite as mad, but still upset...he threw up. Oh I can hardly wait till he goes back on the 21st to have his "parts" removed. Being as this was his 2nd round, now I can sign him up for the obedience classes at Petsmart, Im excited about that. My theory is that whatever he learns in class, I can come home and share with Sandy so we can have two well mannered dogs. Not that Sandy isnt already, but some real commands would be nice to hollar instead of hollarin one over and over agian only to have her sit there with a blank look on her face...."stupid human" Im sure shes thinking, "thats not the right word for that."

    GI Wife was here at 7:25 AM

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